Top 5 Tropical Islands To Visit In 2023

This rainy monsoon season got us yearning for a warm and relaxing tropical vacation. If you don’t have anything planned, consider going on a holiday to pamper yourself after a year of hard work! Not sure where to visit though? We got that covered – here’s a list of the top 5 tropical islands to visit in 2023!

Top 5 Tropical Islands To Visit In 2023

#1 Bali, Indonesia

tropical islands

tropical islands

Bali has been increasingly popular among travellers ever since the endemic season this year. You would notice that many influencers and celebrities have been visiting this travel destination since its gradual reopening. The island is famous for stunning beaches, looming volcanoes, lush rice fields, religious sites as well as epic surfs. It’s the perfect destination for those who prefer sightseeing, taking photos and trying out new delicacies!

On a side note, we recommend this holiday spot for a tropical getaway with friends and family. Ever heard of “The Bali Breakup Curse”? The myth states that unmarried couples who travel to Bali together will break up. Although most people believe this to merely be a coincidence, but well, we think it’s better to be safe than sorry!

#2 Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

tropical islands

Phi Phi Islands, or Koh Phi Phi, is a tropical destination located in Phuket, Thailand. It consists of six islands, each known for their own beauty and unique attractions. Surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and scattered limestone towers, this tropical destination is a paradise worth visiting for breathtaking scenery and water-related adventures like kayaking, snorkelling and diving!

Look forward to exploring the natural tunnels, open-ceiling caves and colourful marine life. If you’re someone who loves an adrenaline rush, Shark Point offers a memorable swim with harmless leopard sharks! There’s undoubtedly more surprises hidden in each island waiting for you to discover.

#3 Maldives

tropical islands

tropical islands

It’s no surprise that Maldives holds a special spot in every traveller’s dream vacation list! Located in the Indian Ocean, this country houses more than 1,000 islands. The tropical destination is well-known for stunning dive sites filled with colourful reefs and wild marine life, as well as the beauty of the shores above.

One of Maldives’ unique characteristics is the “one island, one resort” concept. Each resort is individually established on an island, socially distanced from the crowd. This makes Maldives the perfect post pandemic travel destination, especially for those seeking a quiet, serene and relaxing vacation!

#4 Bora Bora, French Polynesia

tropical islands

Bora Bora is one of the most romantic islands to visit. This is due to the rising popularity of their lavish overwater bungalows, which has become a trendy getaway for honeymoon couples! Many of these floating villas have glass floors, acting as a window to peep through the underwater life below.

Most of the resorts are built on their own small islands, also known as motu. You will need boat arrangement if you’d like to travel elsewhere during your stay here. Thus, this destination is perfect for a secluded vacation, allowing you to live the tropical life to its fullest!

#5 Langkawi Island, Malaysia

tropical islands

If you’re planning on a budget-friendly getaway, Langkawi Island is nevertheless one of the best options available! This tropical destination is known for picturesque paddy fields, jungle-clad hills, tranquil waterfalls and beautiful beaches. You won’t miss out on water sports and outdoor activities either!

For those who prefer casual entertainment, there are plenty of exciting tourist attractions like the Langkawi SkyBridge and SkyCab (cable cars). This destination offers duty-free shopping, so you can stock up on your favourite chocolates during your visit!

Complete Your Tropical Island Trip with These Travel Essentials

It is easy to neglect our physical health during a tropical vacay as we are too busy participating in recreational activities and enjoying local delicacies. While we never miss out on extra clothing for our vacation shoots, don’t forget to pack these travel essentials as well!

First things first, bring along hand sanitisers and face masks as a necessary precaution. Not to mention some travel medications for headaches, diarrheas, vomiting and food poisoning. If possible, add in a traveller’s first aid kit packed with plasters or bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibacterial and anti-itch creams. These can be a lifesaver during times of need!

tropical islands

Here’s an extra tip: Pack along a small bottle of Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu dan Anak (Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa) – it is our travel staple to help soothe our throats!

This throat and cough remedy contains over 10 natural herbs including honey, making it a saviour for itchy throats, phlegm and coughs. We usually have a teaspoonful before leaving the hotel, or we add some room temperature water to make it into a drink! It is especially effective to help soothe our dry throats from the long hours of indoor air-conditioning.

tropical islands

Sunscreen is also a must-have since we will spend most of our time enjoying the sun. Remember to check on the SPF and PA levels to make sure that your skin is thoroughly protected!

One can never be too prepared, right? In the meantime, relax by the pool before your highly anticipated travel date arrives. Stay safe and have fun during your upcoming vacation, travel lovers!

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