5 Reasons Why Malaysia Is The Perfect Workcation Destination For Digital Nomads

As we enter the era of digitalization, we have seen face-to-face the changes brought upon many aspects of life, especially to the outlook of the traditional workplace. We can now push the limitations of our career beyond the four walls of offices and cubicles, creating the modern field of digital nomads: a term that describes freelancers, remote workers and independent contractors. 

To encourage the rise of digital nomads, Malaysia has dedicated its resources and collaborated with partners that are effectively involved in supporting the nomadic lifestyle. If you are a digital nomad yourself, keep on reading to learn all 5 reasons why Malaysia is the best destination for you!

5 Reasons Why Malaysia Is The Best Destination For Digital Nomads

1. You Are Represented

DE Rantau is a programme established by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation to boost digital adoption and promote digital professional mobility and tourism across the country. It aims to benefit both local and foreign nomads via the creation of a vibrant ecosystem that supports the ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle. 

Digital nomads who are affiliated with DE Rantau can travel and work remotely across various locations in Malaysia with access to stable broadband connectivity and various facilities and services, including transportation, food, accommodation and so on. 

2. Access To Hubs Across The Country

To facilitate the mobility of digital freelancers, DE Rantau has partnered with local merchants and service providers to make you feel at home. Work remotely in the comfort of co-working spaces such as Settlements Penang, a co-working space based in Georgetown. They offer 24/7 access via card access system, high-speed Internet, discussion rooms, printing services and many facilities to accommodate your needs. 

You can also settle your meals by ordering via food delivery apps such as TapawFood, airasia food and Grab. Furthermore, travel around the country with ease when you book your transportation using Easybook.

3. Connect With Your Community

You are not alone here! DE Rantau provides you with the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people in Malaysia. Get acquainted or collaborate with other digital professionals through the programme’s community. 

Moreover, the community can help you deal with enquiries and concerns you have when you reach a new environment. You can also reach out to DE Rantau whenever any problems occur during your stay at a hub.

4. Digital Nomad Pass For Foreigners

The programme is open to every digital nomad around the world who wishes to set up their personal workspace in Malaysia. Eligible digital professionals can get an exclusive nomad pass that exceeds the limitations of a normal tourist pass for RM1000. You are free to roam around while focusing on your work. Not to mention you can enjoy amazing perks and exclusive offerings by DE Rantau’s partners. 

The pass is a Professional Visit Pass (Pas Lawatan Ikhtisas PLIK) which allows you to stay for 3 to up to 12 months. Furthermore, it is renewable for up to an additional 12 months if you wish to continue your freelancing here. You can also bring your spouse and children with a fee of RM500 for each dependant.

5. Multicultural Country With Great Places To Explore

And lastly, what makes Malaysia a great place for digital nomads is its multicultural society and beautiful spots. Most Malaysians can communicate in English, so there would not be any issues regarding the language barrier. Also, the country provides affordability in terms of food, accommodations and travelling. 

Register With DE Rantau To Enjoy Amazing Perks Specially Curated For Digital Nomads

The initiatives of DE Rantau have made it possible for digital professionals, freelancers and independent contractors to work comfortably here. If you wish to visit Malaysia as your next workcation destination, head on over to DE Rantau’s official webpage and register yourself to enjoy exclusive benefits and services that can facilitate your career. 

Register here at:

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